Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Love The Dream of Friday

These seconds when you're half asleep and half awake, in which you have no sense of time, your head will collect information, and suddenly, your brain gets the news that today is a day large. Today is Good Friday. For brother of Sorrows like me, this is the designated day of the year. It is the day that a period ends and another begins. It is the day you've been waiting for all year. I get out of bed early and get dressed with the best clothes closet, the occasion requires. Down to breakfast and everyone in my family radiate happiness, in this house feels something that is not common in others.
I'm drinking coffee at the Plaza, it is still early, but my stomach does not stop the tingling and my heart is shrinking. I'll get my grinding, soon there will be the first Levantá . Begin to reach my fellow brothers and Costaleros, the hugs and kisses do not stop, for them is also a big day. The caller rings in the crowded chapel, at the heart shrank "of all present. Foreman calls his Costaleros and asked to be compliant with the brother who is commemorated this year with the solemn event. "Cough Igua brave, and this." The stomach flips. Ends
act and we all had something together, we also want to spend some of this day with our brothers that are so important in our lives. Nobody
missing from the table at mealtime, perhaps the only day that we all are. After a nap
all wear the robe, and in row one and not talking, all for the Chapel by the shortest route.
It is less, last hugs and kisses from relatives. Cross deputy knocks on the door of the chapel at eight o'clock in the afternoon, and this opens the door and leave after the Cross Procession guide. A year goes and another comes. Penance
This station will help us reflect on what happened in the year before, and think what they want to happen in this coming. Has struck the caller, when Villamartín deliver the greatest thing that has. The two coastal land little by little, while a ray of light and caresses those pretty eyes. It's here. The people have waited patiently for a whole year to see the Mother of God face the Plaza, the crowded square.
to love, to love and respect you showed me in my childhood ... In the largest, Mary of Sorrows.


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